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Cogs and Wheels - VOLUME 2

Inner Works of Music Theory for Jazz and Pop/Rock
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Author: David Laborier

Illustrations: Fabien Daubet (PenguinkStudio)

Publisher: Waltzing-Parke Publishing (WPP 2021-4)

Language: English

Paperback: 472 pages

ISBN 978-2-9199688-4-8

This is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to get serious in the study of jazz and all styles of music that stem from it. Contains beautiful illustrations of jazz greats by Fabien Daubet, QR codes linking to Wikipedia and Youtube for all musical examples, and a plethora of theoretical, ear training and rhythm exercises.

Author David Laborier works as a guitarist, composer and arranger, and is a professor for jazz studies at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

Topics covered in volume 2:

  • Blues (major, minor and modal), jazz forms, rag time forms, contrafacts
  • Rhythm changes
  • Minor keys
  • Scales and modes: melodic minor, harmonic minor, harmonic major, be-bop scales
  • Compound intervals
  • Tension notes
  • Diminished, suspended, added ninth chords, line clichés
  • Hybrids, polychords, upper structure triads
  • Tonal Harmony: diatonic substitution, secondary dominants, tritone substitution, modal interchange, subdominant minor, special function dominants, diminished chord function, contiguous II-V
  • Modal harmony
  • Voicings in fourths, clusters
  • Harmonic analysis, chord scales
  • Minor key harmony
  • Basic piano arrangement
  • Motivic development
  • Chromatic approaches
  • Rhythm: 3/4 "clave", metric modulation
  • Practice routine
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